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Tajikistan National Sambo Championship held with minimum contact and maximum security


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The National Sambo Championship of Tajikistan was held under the theme of “Minimum Contact – Maximum Security” in Dushanbe on April 12.

The National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan in a press release stated that 165 athletes representing seven regions took part in the tournament which was held in the absence of spectators due to stringent health security measures in connection with the global coronavirus pandemic.

Organisers laid down that the main rule of the event, held at the training centre for the national team, was minimum contact – maximum security.

Among the winners at the national competition were Komronshokh Ustopyrien, Akmaliddin Karimov and Khurshed Majidov.

The Championship also identified potential candidates for the national team which will take part in major international events after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.